Sciatica Means Nerve Pressure in Berlin WI

Sciatica Means Nerve Pressure in Berlin WI

Chiropractic Berlin WI Sciatica Means Nerve Pressure

Sciatica in Berlin WI, often mistakenly referred to as a disease, is actually a symptom of nerve pressure on or an irritation of the sciatic nerve which can be caused by a physical injury, malfunction or disease.

sciatic nerve in Berlin WI

Since the sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the human body, it is not surprising that many authorities consider it the most susceptible to injury.

Whether caused by over-exertion, a fall down a stairway, or a kick from a mule, the result is the same ... pain. The pain may be minor in its first stages and cause only mild discomfort, or it may be crippling and intense to the point of making strong athletes weep.

The pain of sciatica may appear anywhere in the region of the sciatic nerve, from the low back down to the feet. Applying heat or cold to the painful area in an attempt to relieve sciatic pain will not solve the problem, nor will it be truly successful in bringing temporary relief.

Sciatica is a problem for the Doctor of Chiropractic!

As a specialist in nerves and spinal disorders, he or she knows that nerve interference in the low back is the cause of the trouble. His training and experience enable him or her to treat the cause, not just administer temporary measures aimed at alleviating the symptoms.

Through proper care and treatment, he works to relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve and to eliminate the interference, thus enabling the sciatic nerve to resume proper functioning, eliminating the problem from within. The healing process takes place naturally, with nothing added to or removed from the body.

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Dr. Terry Wepner has been a chiropractor in Berlin, WI, since 1984.
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