Pain Is A Symptom in Berlin WI

Pain is a Symptom, Not a Disease in Berlin WI

Chiropractic Berlin WI Pain Is A Symptom

Pain, whether you realize it or not, may be one of the best friends you will ever have. For it is a signal to the brain that a problem exists somewhere in the body or that the body is being injured in some way.

Despite the positive warning effects of pain in Berlin WI, many people fail to recognize it as a symptom and think of it as a disease in itself. They fail to recognize that these pains are the products of arthritis, rheumatism, deteriorating spinal discs or other health problems which often accompany the golden years.

In my opinion, it is just a foolhardy to kill the pain with a pill or injection as it would be to shutoff a fire alarm. After all, that does nothing about the fire, it merely eliminates a noise. It follows that simply masking the pain will not eliminate the cause of the pain but will merely mask its presence.

Equally as dangerous as masking the pain is attempting to self-diagnose its cause. Pain does not necessarily occur in the same area of the body as the source of the trouble. A headache, for example, may have its origin in the spinal column.

Lifestyle in Berlin WI

Our present lifestyle is geared to an ever-faster pace. Whether at work or play, we often push our bodies beyond the point of endurance, causing physical strains on the spine and nervous system.

A seemingly innocent twist, turn, lift or awkward postural position may cause a spinal misalignment which if not corrected, can interfere with proper nerve function and lead to illness or further injury.

Normal nerve function is essential to good health as virtually every function of the human body, whether asleep or awake, depends on nerve signals from the brain. Just as you visit your dentist twice a year to maintain good health, you should see your Doctor of Chiropractic on a regular basis to maintain your spinal health. If a spinal misalignment is causing improper nerve function, he should be able to correct the problem before it grows worse with time.

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Dr. Terry Wepner has been a chiropractor in Berlin, WI, since 1984.
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