Give Young Spines a Chance in Berlin WI

Give Young Spines a Chance in Berlin WI

Chiropractic Berlin WI Give Young Spines A Chance

In a single day, an active child endures an amount of stress that would put most middle-aged adults in the hospital. Toddlers and preschool children are subjected to many falls and accidents. Those mishaps can be silent forerunners of future serious structural spinal disorders. See how our Berlin WI Chiropractor can help.

The Spine in Berlin WI

The spine is a beautifully engineered structure carrying the messages to the whole body through its nerve trunks. Damage to the spine is often ignored. If fractured, the spine can react with partial or complete paralysis-- or even death.

If the spine is misaligned-- which usually follows an injury, sometimes that even the injured may not be aware of-- it can deteriorate and lose its flexibility can cause major problems with the central nervous system. Warning signs usually show themselves as tightness, soreness, headaches, or back pain.

The major cause of structural spinal disorders is plain negligence of strains and sprains. You should always consider proper diet, exercise, good posture, and getting enough sleep.

A spinal check for children can safeguard their health now and avoid future disability. As a twig is bent, so grows the child. Have your child's spine checked.

The complications of ignoring injuries to the spine can reach far into your child's adult life.

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Dr. Terry Wepner has been a chiropractor in Berlin, WI, since 1984.
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